Unveiling the Puuc Route with the Mayan Train!

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The Puuc Route is a journey through time in the Yucatán Peninsula, unveiling the archaeological treasures and lush nature that marked the history of the ancient Mayans.

Puuc Architecture: A Unique Style

Puuc architecture, named after the Yucatán region, showcases impressive monuments including Mayan arches, intricately carved friezes, and masks of the god Chaac. Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, and the Loltún Caves stand out for their geometric and ornamental features, reflecting the complex Mayan cosmogony.

Explore the Treasures of the Puuc Route

Uxmal: City of the Three Times Built

The heart of the Puuc Route is Uxmal, an archaeological gem featuring the imposing Temple of the Masks and the Pyramid of the Magician, testaments to Mayan greatness.

Kabah: The Palace of Masks

Just a few kilometers from Uxmal, Kabah boasts the Kabah Arch, fascinating for its hundreds of Chaac masks and palaces showcasing Mayan artistic skills.

Sayil: The Grand Acropolis and The Governor’s Palace

The Grand Acropolis dominates Sayil’s landscape, offering a captivating view of Puuc architecture.

Labná and Xlapak: Lesser-Known Treasures

Labná stands out for its triumphal arch, while Xlapak reveals Mayan structures, some adorned with Chaac masks.

Loltún Caves: Subterranean Mysteries

The Loltún Caves, “Flower of Stone,” conceal evidence of ancient settlements and cave paintings that tell stories dating back 400 to 700 years.

The Maya Train: A Journey of Discovery

The Maya Train Project, connect multiple destinations, including the Puuc Route, aiming to promote sustainable and accessible tourism. This initiative seeks to preserve and bring closer the cultural and natural richness of the region, facilitating access to archaeological sites and natural areas.

Embark on this Adventure

The Puuc Route is an invitation to explore Yucatán’s history and nature. Connected by roads, this journey encompasses Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, and the Loltún Caves. A trip where the past comes alive, and natural beauty captivates at every turn.

The Maya Train is already transforming how these treasures are accessed, connecting the present with the ancestral legacy and opening the doors to a unique experience on the Yucatán Peninsula.

It’s important to clarify that the Mayan Train doesn’t run through the Puuc Route. Visitors arrive at a nearby station or stop and then continue the journey by car or tour.

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