Standard model of the Mayan Train

“Xiimbal” means “to walk” in Maya


Introducing the Standard Tren Maya

The Standard Tren Maya comprises 31 meticulously crafted trains, designed to deliver seamless travel experiences while offering passengers panoramic views through expansive windows.

As of February 2024, there are currently 4 Standard trains operational.

The Standard Tren Maya offers two distinct classes: Tourist Class and Premier Class. In the Tourist Class cabins, seating is arranged with 4 seats per row, whereas the Premier Class cabins offer a more spacious layout with 3 seats per row. Moreover, Premier Class passengers are treated to a complimentary box lunch during their journey.

Drawing inspiration from Maya architecture and the majestic jaguar, the design showcases intricate patterns reminiscent of carved stone pyramids, evoking the grandeur and mystique of ancient civilizations.

Characteristics of the Maya Train Standard model?

  • A train with 4 carriages that can accommodate 230 passengers.
  • A train with 7 carriages that can accommodate 430 passengers.
  • 2 classes, the tourist class and the premier class.
  • Free WiFi
  • Air-conditioning
  • USB and power outlets between seats.
  • Bathroom
  • Accessible Bathrooms
  • Bike area (4 bicycles on each trip)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Allow Emotional support animals.

Photos of the Standard model of the Mayan Train

mayan train cabin
Mayan Train

What is the price of a ticket for the Standard Tren Maya?

Palenque$2,826.00 MXN$4,521.00 MXN
Boca del Cerro$2,634.00 MXN$4,214.50 MXN
Tenosique$2,607.00 MXN$4,171.50 MXN
Triunfo$2,391.00 MXN$3,825.50 MXN
Candelaria$2,283.50 MXN$3,654.00 MXN
Escárcega$2,080.50 MXN$3,329.00 MXN
Carrillo Puerto$1,884.50 MXN$3,015.50 MXN
Edzná$1,665.50 MXN$2,665.00 MXN
S.F. Campeche$1,551.50 MXN$2,482.50 MXN
Tenabo$1,432.00 MXN$2,291.50 MXN
Hecelchakán$1,368.50 MXN$2,189.50 MXN
Calkiní$1,284.50 MXN$2,055.00 MXN
Maxcanú$1,195.00 MXN$1,912.50 MXN
Umán$1,069.50 MXN$1,711.50 MXN
Mérida Teya$977.50 MXN$1,564.50 MXN
Tixkokob$923.00 MXN$1,477.00 MXN
Izamal$813.50 MXN$1,301.50 MXN
Chichén Itzá$596.50 MXN$954.00 MXN
Valladolid$472.00 MXN$755.50 MXN
Nuevo Xcan$262.00 MXN$419.50 MXN
Leona Vicario$116.50 MXN$186.50 MXN
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