Kabah Site

Kabah Archaeological Site


Its name is mentioned in the Chilam Balam de Chumayel (a collection of colonial Maya texts containing a mix of historical narratives, prophecies, and cultural aspects), which speaks to its importance.

Its architecture is dazzling, especially the temple of Codz Pop, whose facade, adorned with hundreds of masks of the god Chaac, ranks among the finest examples of Maya art.

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Lord of the strong or powerful hand.


Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. Last entry at 16:00 hrs.

$80.00 MXN pesos.

600 B.C. – 1000 A.D. | Classic

Where is the Kabah Archaeological Site Located?

It is located in the Puuc Region, 14.2 miles (23 km) from the Archaeological Site of Uxmal.

  • Fee for video camera
  • Fee for professional cameras
  • INAPAM discount (for seniors)
  • Discount for students and teachers
  • Free admission on Sundays (Mexicans)
  • Free entry for children under 13 years old
  • No smoking allowed, pets, food

There is a sacbé (white road) that connects Kabah with Uxmal.


Archaeological Site of Kabah

The Palace


Codz Pop