Mayan Train Model Interior Stay

Mayan Long Distance Train model

P’atal means “to stay” in Maya.

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Mayan Train model Stay

There will be 3 Long-Distance model trains designed for long journeys. They have spaces for relaxation or work, including compartments where passengers can rest by converting their seats into beds.

It will have a capacity for 260 passengers across 7 carriages, providing a range of onboard services, amenities, and entertainment choices.

The Mayan Stay Train has cabins and spaces for people with reduced mobility.

Mayan Long Distance Train model

Photos of the Mayan Train model Stay

Mayan Train model Long Distance Interior


What is the ticket price for the Mayan Tray Stay?

The ticket price for the train route has not been defined yet.

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Long Distance Mayan Train

Characteristics of the Tren Maya Long Distance model

  • Train with 7 cars with a capacity for 260 passengers.
  • 8 cabins (2 types: standard and reduced mobility).
  • 16 bunk beds.
  • Restaurant.
  • Bathroom with a shower.
  • Espacio para bicicletas o carreolas.
  • Reclining seats.
  • WiFi

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