The Jaguar’s Spots

Mayan Legend

The legend tells that in the Petén jungle, all the animals were great friends; the Chachalaca, the Chi’ik (coatí), the Monkey, the Crocodile, the Deer, and the Wild Boar treated each other with respect and didn’t eat each other, but rather fed on herbs, fruits, and seeds.

One of the most admired animals was the Balam or Jaguar, which at that time had no spots. Its beautiful yellow fur shone dazzlingly like sunbeams.

It would clean its skin frequently with its tongue, then it would approach the watering hole to see its beautiful reflection in the water.

It would say to itself, “No one has a skin as perfect as mine.

A group of monkeys were so happy by an avocado tree that they began to play, tossing the fruits among themselves.

The noise they made attracted the other animals, who came to see what was happening.