Tren Maya Restaurante Interior

Mayan Train Model Restaurant

Janal means “to eat” in the Maya language.

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Janal Train

Mayan Train Restaurant

There will be 8 Restaurant model Maya trains, and the reason is that they have a carriage that functions as a restaurant. It has an industrial-type kitchen with a capacity for 140 passengers, and it prepares food from each region it passes through.

It has a spacious area for diners, designed with original and well-lit tables for two and four people, as well as accommodations for individuals with reduced mobility.

Specialized cooking systems and catering equipment are available onboard, allowing for real-time food preparation throughout the various journeys.

Tren Maya modelo Restaurante

Photos of the Tren Maya Restaurant

Mayan Train Model Restaurant Interior
Mayan Train Cafeteria


What is the price of the ticket for the Mayan Train Restaurant?

The ticket price for the train route has not been defined yet.

Logo Mayan Train México
Mayan Train Model Restaurant Interior

Characteristics of the Tren Maya Restaurante model?

  • Tren Maya with 4 carriages and a capacity for 140 passengers.
  • Tables for 2 and 4 people.
  • Reclining seats.
  • Bathroom
  • Internet
  • Bike area
  • Cafet

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Mayan Train Restaurant

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