Tren Maya Tickets

Should you not receive the electronic ticket for the Tren Maya in your email, the ticket counters are ready to provide assistance. Simply show the payment receipt with the charge to your card and provide the reservation details, and the staff will be happy to help you print your tickets.


Where can I buy tickets for the Tren Maya?


The only official website to buy tickets is:

You can also access the official Mayan Train website, which will redirect you to the aforementioned address:


Tren Maya tickets can be purchased at all Stations and Stops, and additional sales points have been set up at Tourism Secretariats and plazas, as some stations and stops have not yet been completed.

Platform Tickets

Considerations when buying tickets for the Maya Train

In the “Ruta” section, you select the travel direction on the Maya Train, either from Palenque to Cancun or vice versa. This option exclusively serves to choose the travel direction. In the “origen” box, indicate the place where you will board the train, while in the “destino” box, specify where you are headed.

If the destination does not appear in the corresponding box after selecting the origin, it is recommended to verify the chosen route of the Maya Train, as it is possible that a route has been selected where the train has already passed, and therefore, the destination will not be available.

Currently, there are two available routes for the Maya Train: 1) from Cancun Airport to Palenque and 2) from Palenque to Cancun Airport. Additionally, on February 29, 2024, the inauguration of the new route connecting Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen will take place.

Which types of services does the Tren Maya offer?

Tourist Class

  • 4 seats per row.
  • Discount for Senior Citizens.

Premier Class

  • Wider seats.
  • 3 seats per row.
  • Includes Box Lunch.
  • Unlimited Coffee.
  • Staff responsible for taking orders.

If the Tren Maya Premier Class ticket is for a full route, 2 Box Lunch services are provided.

Wheelchair accessibility on the Mayan Train

What are the types of tickets offered by the Tren Maya?

The Tren Maya offers 4 types:


For non-Mexican individuals.


Available to all Mexicans with official identification.


For residents along the route of the Tren Maya with official identification.


For students, teachers, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

1. Passengers must present identification when purchasing a ticket and when traveling to ensure the accuracy of names and ages of all passengers.

2. The ticket price includes traveler’s insurance, which covers the following: medical expenses, funeral expenses for accidental death on board the train, and loss of luggage.

3. he ticket is the legal document of the contract between the carrier and the passenger, so it must be retained for any claims or clarifications. Passengers are responsible for ensuring they have a valid ticket applicable for the entire journey.

4. Passengers must check their luggage before boarding, passing through the corresponding security filters.

5. Any incident must be reported to the inspector or Station Chief within 24 hours to validate the traveler’s insurance.

6. Children (2 to 14 years old) traveling in Maya Train cars in a seat must be accompanied by at least one adult (18 years or older) in their group. Babies under 2 years old must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:1 ratio and do not have the right to a seat.

7. Passengers must sit in the assigned car and seat mentioned on their ticket.

8. No ticket refunds are allowed. In case of requesting a change, it must be done within 72 hours prior to the train’s departure by emailing indicating the reason, a digital image of the ticket (jpeg, jpg, pdf), phone, and email for the change. No refund is possible; instead, a change to a ticket of the same value with a user-defined date is offered. In cases attributable to Tren Maya, a 100% refund of the unused service will be provided.

9. When a service is canceled due to force majeure, Tren Maya is exempt from compensating passengers according to applicable legislation, but will provide a full ticket refund.

10. If passengers arrive late at the boarding gate, their reservation will be canceled, and the amount will not be refunded. However, Tren Maya fares are flexible and can be changed or canceled before departure (fees may apply).

11. All tickets are nominative and non-transferable, only for use by the person named on the ticket.

12. Discounts are not applicable to special offers or promotional rates.

13. Tren Maya reserves the right to modify ticket prices at any time. Tren Maya also reserves the right to cancel, modify, or reschedule any promotional offer without prior notice.

14. Tren Maya stations are 100% smoke-free and emission-free spaces. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Tren Maya facilities and inside train cars. Non-compliance may result in sanctions according to applicable legislation.

15. No passenger may access the departure area without a valid ticket.

16. If a passenger decides to end their journey before the destination station, there is no refund for the untraveled portion.

17. No baggage is allowed on trains without a valid ticket. Maximum luggage dimensions allowed are 55 cm * 40 cm * 25 cm, with a weight not exceeding 25 kg.

18. Abusive language or behavior towards staff will not be tolerated at any time.

19. Carrying weapons, flammable materials, and compressed containers is strictly prohibited. Transporting weapons and sharp objects on board is strictly prohibited.

20. Bringing food and drinks on board is not allowed.

21. For the well-being and safety of the passenger, children must be supervised at all times.

22. The transport of animals is not allowed, except for guide dogs and emotional support animals with their corresponding documentation (certification of the pet as a guide or emotional support, medical certificate from the person requiring it, and vaccination certificate with the latest vaccine). It must be registered prior to boarding and is exempt from cost.

23. The passenger must read and accept the Privacy Notice available on the website as well as at Tren Maya ticket booths.


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