Xpuhil Archaeological Site


The area of the pre-Hispanic site that is open to the public and under the custody of the INAH is just an architectural complex known as Group I, which consists of some of the many buildings that are part of the archaeological zone. To date, approximately 25 architectural groups have been reported.

Group I in Xpuhil is composed of several buildings of varying sizes, except for structure I-1, also known as the Three Towers building.

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300 B.C. – 1200 | Middle Preclassic to Early Postclassic

600 – 1000 | Late Classic

Where is the Xpuhil Archaeological Site Located?

It is located 188.8 miles (304 km) southwest of the city of Campeche, within the region known as Río Bec.

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The distinctive qualities of the so-called Río Bec region are present in the architecture of its most relevant structures.


Archaeological Site of Xpuhil

Structure I-1

Structure I-4

Structures 1-2 and I-2A

Structure III-5

Structure I-3

Chacá Structure