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How to get to the S. F. Campeche Station on the Mayan Train?

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The capital of the State of Campeche was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Campeche’s position on the Gulf of Mexico made it the main port of the Yucatán Peninsula during the Viceroyalty, standing out as a key international link, fostering economic growth and population expansion. It gained fame for its shipbuilding industry.

Famous for being one of the few fortified cities in the Americas, its walls and bastions evoke a past full of pirate attacks.

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Palenque$1,274.00 MXN$2,083.50 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$1,082.50 MXN$1,732.00 MXN-6
Tenosique$1,055.50 MXN$1,689.00 MXN-6
Triunfo$839.00 MXN$1,342.50 MXN-6
Candelaria$732.00 MXN$1,171.50 MXN-6
Escárcega$529.00 MXN$846.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$333.00 MXN$533.00 MXN-6
Edzná$114.00 MXN$182.00 MXN-6
Tenabo$119.50 MXN$191.00 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$183.50 MXN$293.00 MXN-6
Calkiní$267.50 MXN$427.50 MXN-6
Maxcanú$356.50 MXN$570.50 MXN-6
Umán$482.00 MXN$771.50 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$574.00 MXN$918.00 MXN-6
Tixkokob$628.50 MXN$1,005.50 MXN-6
Izamal$738.00 MXN$1,181.00 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$955.00 MXN$1,528.50 MXN-6
Valladolid$1,079.50 MXN$1,727.00 MXN-6
Nuevo Xcan$1,289.50 MXN$2,063.00 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$1,435.00 MXN$2,296.00 MXN-5
Cancún Airport$1,551.50 MXN$2,482.50 MXN-5
S.F. Campeche Station International Price

What is there in the City of San Francisco de Campeche?

San Francisco de Campeche is a city full of history, culture, and natural beauty that is worth visiting.

It’s also famous for its gastronomy, historic center, walls, museums, beaches, and many other things.

Fuerte San Román en Campeche

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