Discover the New Gateway to the Riviera Maya: Tulum International Airport and the Mayan Train

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The Caribbean paradise of the Riviera Maya welcomes a new access gem to explore its natural wonders! Since December 1st, 2023, the Tulum International Airport, named Felipe Carrillo Puerto, has opened its doors to the world, offering a unique experience from the moment you set foot on its grounds.

In its first phase, this airport, boasting 13 positions, is ready to welcome 5.5 million travelers eager to discover this dreamy corner. The best part? Its 3.7-kilometer runway, built with hydraulic concrete, ensures smooth and safe landings as you prepare to delve into this paradise. It facilitates reaching Tulum, Akumal, Mahahual, Bacalar, Coba.

But that’s not all. This airport is more than just a terminal: it’s a gateway to the Caribbean, nestled amidst the jungle, creating a truly unique setting. With positions for both domestic and international commercial aircraft, and a platform dedicated to general and executive aviation with 28 positions, Felipe Carrillo Puerto is designed to meet all your travel needs.

And here’s the exciting part: the synergy with the Mayan Train! This ambitious railway project strategically connects multiple cultural and tourist destinations throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan Train station at the Tulum International Airport becomes a focal point for travelers wishing to explore beyond the airport terminal.

This synergy between the Mayan Train route and the airport brings the wonders of the Riviera Maya even closer within your reach. From the convenience of landing at the airport and seamlessly transitioning to the train that will take you to unique experiences in destinations like Chichén Itzá, Palenque, Merida, and more, this connection is a step forward in facilitating exceptional travels.

Quintana Roo stands out as the state with the highest number of international airports, and the Tulum International Airport, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, joins this list to elevate your travel experience to a whole new level!

Welcome to a new chapter of discovery in the Riviera Maya!

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