Stay in History: Discover the Charming Hotels of the Mayan Train – Coming Soon

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Discover the very essence of Maya culture in these six unique enclaves:

1️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Edzná (Campeche) 2️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Calakmul (Campeche)3️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Tulum (Quintana Roo) 4️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Palenque (Chiapas) 5️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Chichén Itzá (Yucatán) 6️⃣ Hotel Tren Maya Nuevo Uxmal (Yucatán)

On the route of the Maya Train, these magnificent hotels will rise as cultural oases, merging the comfort of relaxation with the historical richness of the Maya civilization. From the lush jungles of Campeche to the paradisiacal beaches of Quintana Roo, each site will be a gateway to Mexico’s ancient history and natural beauty.

These hotels, strategically located near fascinating archaeological sites, will offer more than just lodging: they will be custodians of cultural heritage. With master room suites, pools, restaurants, gyms, and more, comfort intertwines with Maya history to offer an unforgettable stay.

Furthermore, with the Maya Train, this network of hotels not only complements but enriches the journey. This journey is a complete experience to explore Mexico’s natural and historical wonders. From the majestic Edzná to the imposing Chichén Itzá, these Tren Maya Hotels offer you a unique opportunity: to explore history and rest in the cradle of an ancient civilization.

Welcome to a journey where history and comfort merge into one place! #MayaCulture #RestWithHistory #UniqueExperience

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