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Icon of the Izamal Station: Convent of San Antonio de Padua

Among the most iconic structures in Izamal is the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, which was the fifth to be built in Yucatán. It was constructed between the years 1549 and 1561 in the Yucatecan town founded in the 4th century, dedicated to Zamná.

Icon Izamal Station Mayan Train

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Palenque $2,012.00 MXN$3,219.50 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$1,820.50 MXN$2,913.00 MXN-6
Tenosique$1,793.50 MXN$2,869.50 MXN-6
Triunfo$1,577.50 MXN$2,523.50 MXN-6
Candelaria$1,470.00 MXN$2,352.00 MXN-6
Escárcega$1,267.00 MXN$2,027.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$1,071.00 MXN$1,713.50 MXN-6
Edzná$852.00 MXN$1,363.00 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$738.00 MXN$1,181.00 MXN-6
Tenabo$618.50 MXN$990.00 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$555.00 MXN$887.50 MXN-6
Calkiní$471.00 MXN$753.00 MXN-6
Maxcanú$381.50 MXN$610.50 MXN-6
Umán$256.00 MXN$409.50 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$164.00 MXN$262.50 MXN-6
Tixkokob$109.50 MXN$175.00 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$217.00 MXN$347.50 MXN-6
Valladolid$341.50 MXN$546.00 MXN-6
Nuevo Xcan$551.50 MXN$882.00 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$697.00 MXN$1,115.00 MXN-5
Cancún Airport$813.50 MXN$1,301.50 MXN-5
The international price for the Izamal Station
Icon Izamal Station Mayan Train

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Palenque$1,512.00 MXN$2,414.50 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$1,368.50 MXN$2,185.00 MXN-6
Tenosique$1,348.00 MXN$2,152.50 MXN-6
Triunfo$1,185.50 MXN$1,892.50 MXN-6
Candelaria$1,105.00 MXN$1,764.00 MXN-6
Escárcega$952.00 MXN$1,520.50 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$805.00 MXN$1,285.00 MXN-6
Edzná$640.00 MXN$1,022.50 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$554.50 MXN$885.50 MXN-6
Tenabo$465.00 MXN$742.50 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$417.00 MXN$665.50 MXN-6
Calkiní$354.00 MXN$565.00 MXN-6
Maxcanú$287.00 MXN$458.00 MXN-6
Umán$192.50 MXN$307.00 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$123.50 MXN$197.00 MXN-6
Tixkokob$82.50 MXN$131.50 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$163.00 MXN$260.50 MXN-6
Valladolid$256.50 MXN$409.50 MXN-6
Nuevo Xcan$414.50 MXN$661.50 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$524.00 MXN$836.50 MXN-5
Cancún Airport$611.50 MXN$976.00 MXN-5
The National price for the Izamal Station

Magical Town

What is there in the City of Izamal?

Izamal is as the ‘City of Three Cultures‘ due to its rich history spanning pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern times.

Izamal retains its colonial charm with cobblestone streets, brightly colored houses, and beautiful courtyards. The historical center of the city has been declared a ‘Magical Town‘ for its architectural beauty and cultural significance.

Letras de Colores Izamal
Paseo Bicicleta Izamal

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