Goal of the Mayan Train

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The Mayan Train represents much more than a simple railway system; it is the backbone of an integral vision to connect, enrich, and empower the region of The Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan world. Its purpose goes beyond speed, aiming for immersion in unique experiences at each of its stops.

Every station is a gateway to a range of touristic possibilities: from exploring new hotels and excursions to the opportunity of engaging in ecotourism and savoring an endless variety of gastronomic experiences. The active construction of hotels, restaurants, and both public and private ecotourism services is just the beginning of a journey that promises to transform the region exponentially.

The Mayan Train doesn’t merely aim to shorten distances but to extend the time spent at each spot, allowing for complete immersion in the local culture and attractions. Its profitability isn’t solely measured in economic terms as a traditional railway system but in the impetus it provides for private and public investment, catalyzing an unprecedented boom in the tourism, real estate, and gastronomic industries of southeastern Mexico.

Unlike high-speed trains elsewhere in the world, the Mayan Train stands as a symbol of connection between isolated regions, under a comprehensive touristic approach that fosters the development of new productive chains, local suppliers, and a real estate boom expanding throughout the region. Its impact isn’t confined to financial figures; it aims to trigger a regional economy by enabling millions of tourists, who previously concentrated in Cancun, to explore and enjoy all that the peninsula has to offer.

This project marks a historic milestone as the first driver of regional tourism integration in Mexico. Its analysis focuses on the depth of regional integration and the growth of average tourist spending, not just on travel speed. The Mayan Train is much more than a mode of transportation: it’s the seed promising to flourish into a new era of development for the region.

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