Dzibilnocac Archaeological Site


The ancient Maya built Dzibilnocac on a wide plain, and the city features an urban pattern characterized by a set of courtyards and squares that were interconnected.

The volumes and architectural quality decrease as one moves away from the center until reaching the rural areas. The central part of the settlement was inhabited by rulers, nobles, priests, merchants, and high-ranking specialists.

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Painted vault.


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500 B.C. – 1000 | Middle Preclassic to Early Postclassic

600 B.C. – 800 | Late Classic

Where is the Dzibilnocac Archaeological Site Located?

It is located 93.2 miles (150 km) east of the city of Campeche.

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So far, only a few buildings have been excavated and restored. The most impressive is structure A-1 or the Three Towers Building.


Archaeological Site of Dzibilnocac

Building A-1

Building A-1

Circular structure