Delicious Journey: Uncovering the Secrets of Cacao and Chocolate Along the Tren Maya

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Welcome, travelers and chocolate enthusiasts! 🍫 Today, we will embark on a fascinating journey through the Tabasco region, where the magic of cacao and the charm of the Tren Maya route intertwine in a unique experience.

Imagine exploring lands where the ancient Mayas cultivated cacao, considered the “drink of the gods”. Join us in the lush Tabasco region, where cacao is more than a delightful treat; it is a link to the history and culture of these lands.

Uncovering the Origin:

In the depths of Maya history, cacao was cherished not only for its flavor but also for its ceremonial value. As we advance with the Tren Maya, we will immerse ourselves in the fields where cacao flourishes, connecting the threads of our present with the ancient traditions of these lands.

From Tabasco to the World:

Tabasco stands as a hub for high-quality cacao and chocolate. Local chocolatiers have perfected the art of production, keeping the Maya tradition alive. Through the Tren Maya, these local delights now have a direct route to the world, carrying with them the unique flavor of this region.

While traveling with the Tren Maya, we not only move geographically but also journey through time, connecting the past and the present. In the state of Tabasco, cacao and chocolate offer us a window into the rich cultural heritage of the Mayas, and the Tren Maya gives us the opportunity to savor it.

Hop aboard the Mayan Train and create your story on this culinary and cultural journey, where each bite tells the tale of a region merging with the enchantment of the Tren Maya! 🍫

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