Balamkú Archaeological Site


Balamkú is a pre-Hispanic city linked to the Petén region in early times and later connected with the Río Bec area towards the end of the Classical period.

It is a site of moderate dimensions, consisting of three main groups with monumental architecture and numerous platforms in the surroundings. The modeled and polychromed stucco frieze, located in the Central Group, is unique in the Maya area and serves as evidence of the artistic mastery of its ancient inhabitants.

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Temple of the Jaguar


Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. Last entry at 16:45 hrs.

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600 B.C. – 1200 | Middle Preclassic to Early Postclassic

Where is the Balamkú Archaeological Site Located?

It is located in the southeast of the state of Campeche, in the municipality of Calakmul.

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The distinctive qualities of the so-called Río Bec region are present in the architecture of its most relevant structures.


Archaeological Site of Balamkú

Building D5-2 Balamkú

Building D5-2

Structure I

Building D5-5

Substructure I Balamkú

Substructure I

Building D5-10

Structure IV-B Balamkú

Estructura IV-B