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How to get to the Valladolid Station?

Icon of the Valladolid Station: White Hawk

The city was founded on May 28, 1543, by Francisco de Montejo, “El Sobrino” (The Nephew). It was originally located in the Maya locality of Chauac-Há (“long water”), but on March 24, 1545, despite the resistance of its founder and due to sanitation reasons, the locality was moved to Zací, the capital of the Maya lordship of the Cupules. Zací means “white hawk,” which is still appreciated today in its coat of arms.

The emblem was created in 1973 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of being designated as a city.

Icon Valladolid Station Mayan Train

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Palenque $2,353.50 MXN$3,765.50 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$2,162.00 MXN$3,459.00 MXN-6
Tenosique$2,135.00 MXN$3,416.00 MXN-6
Triunfo$1,918.50 MXN$3,070.00 MXN-6
Candelaria$1,811.50 MXN$2,898.50 MXN-6
Escárcega$1,608.50 MXN$2,573.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$1,412.50 MXN$2,260.00 MXN-6
Edzná$1,193.50 MXN$1,909.00 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$1,079.50 MXN$1,727.00 MXN-6
Tenabo$960.00 MXN$1,536.00 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$896.00 MXN$1,434.00 MXN-6
Calkiní$812.00 MXN$1,299.50 MXN-6
Maxcanú$723.00 MXN$1,157.00 MXN-6
Umán$597.50 MXN$955.50 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$505.50 MXN$809.00 MXN-6
Tixkokob$451.00 MXN$721.50 MXN-6
Izamal$341.50 MXN$546.00 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$124.00 MXN$198.50 MXN-6
Nuevo Xcan$210.00 MXN$336.00 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$355.50 MXN$569.00 MXN-5
Cancún Aeropuerto$472.00 MXN$755.50 MXN-5
The International Price for the Valladolid Station
Icon Valladolid Station Mayan Train

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Palenque$1,768.50 MXN$2,824.50 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$1,625.00 MXN$2,594.50 MXN-6
Tenosique$1,604.50 MXN$2,562.00 MXN-6
Triunfo$1,442.00 MXN$2,302.50 MXN-6
Candelaria$1,361.50 MXN$2,174.00 MXN-6
Escárcega$1,208.50 MXN$1,930.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$1,061.50 MXN$1,695.00 MXN-6
Edzná$897.00 MXN$1,432.00 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$811.00 MXN$1,295.50 MXN-6
Tenabo$721.50 MXN$1,152.00 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$673.50 MXN$1,075.50 MXN-6
Calkiní$610.50 MXN$974.50 MXN-6
Maxcanú$543.50 MXN$867.50 MXN-6
Umán$449.00 MXN$717.00 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$380.00 MXN$606.50 MXN-6
Tixkokob$339.00 MXN$541.00 MXN-6
Izamal$256.50 MXN$409.50 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$93.50 MXN$149.00 MXN-6
Nuevo Xcan$158.00 MXN$252.00 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$267.00 MXN$426.50 MXN-5
Cancún Aeropuerto$355.00 MXN$566.50 MXN-5
The National Price for the Valladolid Station

What is there in the city of Valladolid?

Valladolid Is a Magical Town steeped in history and culture, with numerous interesting things to see and do.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Valladolid include:

  • Cenotes (Natural swimming holes)
  • Casa de los Venados (House of the Deer)
  • Francisco Cantón Rosado Park
  • Alley of the Friars
Valladolid Centro

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