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Stop Pictogram: Aké Archaelogical Site

Building 1 of Aké, also known as the Pillars Building, is one of the most prominent structures in this archaeological site, named after the numerous carved pillars that adorn it.

These pillars are decorated with reliefs depicting human figures and scenes of everyday life and Mayan rituals.

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Cancún Airport$923.00 MXN$1,477.00 MXN-5
Leona Vicario$806.50 MXN$1,290.50 MXN-5
Nuevo Xcan-5
Valladolid$451.00 MXN$721.50 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$326.50 MXN$522.50 MXN-6
Izamal$109.50 MXN$175.00 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$54.50 MXN$75.50 MXN-6
Umán$146.50 MXN$234.50 MXN-6
Maxcanú$272.00 MXN$435.50 MXN-6
Calkiní$361.50 MXN$578.00 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$445.50 MXN$712.50 MXN-6
Tenabo$509.00 MXN$814.50 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$628.50 MXN$1,005.50 MXN-6
Edzná$742.50 MXN$1,188.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$961.50 MXN$1,538.50 MXN-6
Escárcega$1,157.50 MXN$1,852.00 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro-6
Palenque$1,902.50 MXN$3,044.50 MXN-6
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

What is in the town of Tixkokob?

Tixkokob, Yucatán, a city in development, is a quiet and authentic place. Its production of hammocks (hamacas) and handicrafts, along with local tourism, are important economic pillars.

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