Sitio Moral Reforma

Moral-Reforma Archaeological Site


It was a Maya city that flourished on the banks of the San Pedro Mártir River. In its beginnings, around 300 BC, it was a mandatory stopover for navigators of the time to bypass the river rapids by land.

Its Moral-Reforma architecture is in the Petén style and is similar to that of Calakmul, with a predominance of the volume of the pyramidal base in relation to the building.

It receives this name due to the abundance of mulberry trees and its location in the Reforma-Provincia ejido.

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Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Free admission.

300 BC – 1000 | Early Classic to Late Classic

  • No smoking allowed
  • No Pets allowed
  • No Food allowed


Where is the Moral-Reforma Archaeological Site Located?

It is located in the region called ‘Los Chenes,’ municipality of Hopelchén, in the state of Campeche. It is at a distance of 72.7 miles (117 kms) from the city of Campeche.

The construction materials used in the buildings are roughly worked flint rocks and limestone, bonded together with lime mortars.


Archaeological Site of Moral-Reforma

Building No. 1 and 2

Building No. 5

Building No. 3

Building 14

Building No. 4A and 4B