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Leona Vicario was a prominent heroine of the Mexican Independence. Born as María de la Soledad Leona Camila Vicario Fernández de San Salvador, she was a patriot and activist who fervently supported the independence cause.

Known for her bravery and determination, she played a crucial role in the fight for Mexico’s freedom, providing logistical, financial, and even espionage support to the insurgent leaders.

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Ticket | See the Map | Departure Time:

Cancún Airport$116.50 MXN$186.50 MXN-5
Nuevo Xcan$145.50 MXN$233.00 MXN-5
Valladolid$355.50 MXN$569.00 MXN-6
Chichén Itzá$480.00 MXN$767.50 MXN-6
Izamal$697.00 MXN$1,115.00 MXN-6
Tixkokob$806.50 MXN$1,290.50 MXN-6
Mérida Teya$861.00 MXN$1,378.00 MXN-6
Umán$953.00 MXN$1,524.50 MXN-6
Maxcanú$1,078.50 MXN$1,726.00 MXN-6
Calkiní$1,167.50 MXN$1,868.50 MXN-6
Hecelchakán$1,251.50 MXN$2,003.00 MXN-6
Tenabo$1,315.50 MXN$2,105.00 MXN-6
S.F. Campeche$1,435.00 MXN$2,296.00 MXN-6
Edzná$1,549.00 MXN$2,478.00 MXN-6
Carrillo Puerto$1,768.00 MXN$2,829.00 MXN-6
Escárcega$1,964.00 MXN$3,142.00 MXN-6
Candelaria$2,167.00 MXN$3,467.50 MXN-6
Triunfo$2,274.00 MXN$3,639.00 MXN-6
Tenosique$2,490.50 MXN$3,985.00 MXN-6
Boca del Cerro$2,517.50 MXN$4,028.00 MXN-6
Palenque$2,709.00 MXN$4,334.50 MXN-6
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

What is there in the Town of Leona Vicario?

Leona Vicario, a charming town near Cancún, offers travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture while exploring the historical treasures of the region.

Leona Vicario Town
Leona Vicario Cenote

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