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Escarcega Station Pictogram: Gateway to the Maya World

It symbolically marks the beginning of the Maya civilization territory. The region of Campeche, along with parts of other states in Mexico and neighboring countries such as Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, was the heartland of the ancient Maya civilization.

Additionally also serves as a geographic landmark for travelers entering the region to explore the numerous archaeological sites, nature reserves, and communities that are part of the modern Maya world.

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What is there in the City of Escárcega?

Escárcega is the second largest city after the state capital, Campeche. The economy of Escárcega is mainly based on agriculture, livestock, and fishing, it also has some manufacturing and service industries.

The name “Escarcega” is due to the engineer Francisco Escárcega, who supervised the construction of the railway in the area.

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